Image size in Docusaurus

In this article, I explain how to change image size in your Docusaurus site.

The goal is to change the image size in your Docusaurus Markdown file using HTML markup.


You must have Docusaurus project on your computer. See my article about installing and configuring Docusaurus.

If you want to use my Docusaurus example site:

  1. Fork the GitHub project or clone it to your computer:

    git clone
  2. Install npm dependencies:

    npm install
  3. Run the project on your localhost:

    npx docusaurus start

Your Docusaurus site opens in the browser on this localhost: http://localhost:3000/

Store images in the static folder

To add images in your Markdown file with the HTML markup, store these images with the following path:


For more information, see Static assets in the Docusaurus documentation.

Use HTML markup to change image size

To change the size of your image, use the following HTML markup in a Markdown file:

<!-- Paste this code inside your Markdown file -->

import Cat from '/img/cat.png';

<img src={Cat} alt="Siamese cat" style={{width: 400}} />


  • import Cat from '/img/cat.png'; is the Docusuarus MDX feature for importing assets using import... from... You can use any name instead of Cat. You should use the path to your folder and image file in the static/ folder.

  • <img src={...} is the reference to the imported path with image.

  • style={{width: 400}} is where you specify the image size. 400 is the size in pixels. You can change the image size by changing this number.

  • Use inline CSS style because otherwise Docusaurus uses its own CSS styles.

Here’s the custom image size in my Docusaurus example site:

Cat example

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