How to remove Hugo from Windows

Sometimes you need to delete or uninstall Hugo that you’ve installed on Windows. I failed to find the instructions on the internet. Here’s the way to remove Hugo from your computer.

Our goal is to remove Hugo static site generator installed on Windows.

Check Hugo version

You can check if Hugo is installed by running this command in the Command Prompt: hugo version

If you see the Hugo version, it means Hugo is installed on your computer.


Find out how you installed Hugo

Now I don’t remember exactly the method that I used to install Hugo. If you go to the Hugo install page, there are several methods for installing Hugo on Windows. I recall that I used Chocolatey (Windows) as my installation method.

If you used Chocolatey, try this command first: choco uninstall hugo

If you see this message, you should use the last resort.


Remove Hugo folder

In your file explorer, find and delete the Hugo folder.

In my case, it’s C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\lib\hugo-extended


Now check the Hugo version: hugo version

If you see this message, Hugo is uninstalled.


Remove Chocolatey from Windows

As a bonus, here’s how to uninstall Chocolatey from your computer.

  1. Check if Chocolatey is installed on your computer: choco version


  2. Find the folder with Chocolatey and delete it.

    In my case it is C:\ProgramData\chocolatey


  3. Enter the command choco version.

    You should see this message.


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