How to configure Vale for GitHub repository

Use this instruction to configure Vale for a GitHub repository. You learn how to add the files required for Vale to run the checks on your Markdown files.

Our goal is to configure Vale in your GitHub repository.


Before you start configuring Vale:

  1. Check that Git is installed.

    git version

    If you don’t have Git, see how to Install Git client.

  2. Check that Vale is installed:

    vale --v

    If you don’t have Vale, see how to Install Vale.

  3. Check that VSCode or other IDE editor is installed. See Instructions for VSCode editor.

  4. Use your repository with Markdown files or use this test repository with Vale already configured.

Clone the Vale test repository

To get the initial Vale configuration, you need to clone or download the Vale test repository.

To clone the Vale test repository, in your Command Prompt enter:

git clone

Alternatively, you can download the vale-boilerplate folder to your computer from this repository.


Last modified March 10, 2023: fixed link (8e12b0c)